Make for a great first impression and become lead agency

It’s that simple, is what I would like to believe, while in awe by the cinemascopic impression of how digital agency, Rokkan stages their product.

Don’t eyeball my wimpy imagery here quite yet, if you want to experience Rokkan, set your browser to take over the screen. When you are ready for this, click here.




Can you show your appreciation for a new won account any better, crisper?


Agencies who won't show their product up front, are suspect of hiding the single most important reason for trusting them.



An active brand in the social agenda.



An active brand in the gaming arena.


User Experience in the new world

Rokkan takes advantage of MS Windows users, preferably working in full screen application mode, the popularity of wide screen monitors and finally Mac OS X offering full screen mode with newly released Lion.

Delivering the best possible solution for any device is the job of user experience practitioners.

Here we see brand building in progress for the the new world.

Now have a look at the homepage of well reputed German creative agency, Jung von Matt, also making use of the cinemascope effect here.


A far fetch from what today's marketing is all about?


What if anything is wrong with this agency website?

A disservice for the returning visitor, even the first time visitor aiming to learn more about the agencies portfolio, their capabilities and approach to marketing. Bad, unfocused marketing I’d say as it sends you on a run around for no better reason as to make for a creative impression.

Now Jung von Matt, touted as most successful European agency at the Cannes festival and leading the pack for the German design nation should have plenty of great samples to show, yet appear ignorant of honoring their clientele’s brands and their factual achievements as an agency.


It’s perhaps time for a new agency model of my own

I am working on wordpress themes for a template based new agency model to come to market with an offering of super sociable brand websites for a fixed price of €3,000. An approach to democratize brand experience for clients big and small.

Now that Rokkan got me all excited, I will also revisit earlier designs and have templates make use of liquid design

WordPress developers with HTML5 experience please get in touch with me here.