You already know that paper is made from wood, this years spring edition has a cover made of wood.


goldene Heftklammern





I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.

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Before you go order field notes for yourself, your team or loved ones, have a close look at the field notes brand and discover what you can adopt for your business. How very useful it may be to consume yourself even with forgotten customs in their assumed relevance to behaviors nowadays.



No blast from the past. Nothing here is retro. Not the design process nor the product by Aaron Draplin, creator of the field notes brand and owner of Draplin Design Co..
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Three Packs $9.95

In the contrary, with his discovery of knowledge transfer to be of such necessary means amongst American farmers, Draplin must have stumbled on an idea that does for the 21. century. With seasonal sales promotions, collaborative logistics and working with retailers, Draplin brought field notes with their 49 pages into the digital age. The ever apparent sharing of insights from how fences are built to cat pictures on facebook.





Do what Aaron Draplin does

As a designer he must have a talent for seamless design and knows just how design spans a bridge to integrated marketing. A responsive eco system by the name of FIELD NOTES, with explosive popularity even before Undercurrent coined „responsive” as the OS that is eating the world.

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Since the turn of the century, North May Co. has handled expediting
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