The Year in Culture (read NY Times article


How come you never go there?



Dido Victoria and myself

Dido draft

Manifesto by Bre Pettis and Kio Stark. Poster by Joshua Rothaas.

We were watching Kate Bush performing “Wuthering Heights” on YouTube…

…before we visited Feist’s website.

Both videos show women dancing in the woods.

Leslie Feist with hair down to her heels.


It’s the cult of done that we get to watch

When we get to watch Leslie Feist perform or when we get to read anything about our favorite artist, she is long done with it and has moved on to the next project.

Dido likes the courage it took Kate Bush to perform her crap dance in the woods and it took Leslie Feist as little as elongated hair to make my Christmas day.


People just love to watch people be done

Doing is good and being done is as good as it gets.


The Cult of Done

Read the manifesto here.

Edit the manifesto here.

.Better yet, do what you intend to do.

Be done with it.

Make sure its accessible.

Have other people talk about what you have done.

Move on to the next.

Become a member of the cult of done on facebook.

Keep your lips sealed.


Be done already

Work at your own pace.

Remember most everything is easier done than said.