While watching talk shows last night, I was most impressed with two personalities. The German politician Paul Kirchhof and Claudia Langer, an advertising star.

What I like so much about Claudia Langer, is her girlish immature performance. It makes her appear a bit quirky at first. Soon enough, a straight forward delivery of astonishing insights gets her my attention. and acknowledgement. Her spectacular normality makes me a happy admirer. Here it is, the super attribute of friendly decisiveness at work. Well deserved airtime for a message. It holds the potential to make consumers return to being responsible citizens. When did we become consumers in the first place?


Claudia Langer foto courtesy Uropia

Claudia Langer foto courtesy Uropia



Utopia.de a social network for strategic consumption

A celebrated advertising woman, Claudia Langer sold her successful Munich ad agency “start”. Took time off and spun up Utopia, a social network for strategic consumption.

Free of renouncement it supports a modern lifestyle. Utopia wants us to accept that with every cent spent we Utopia_stampmake a decision on how we want to live. With money spent wise we withdraw our support from industry malpractice. “Our consume changes the world to the better” is the claim made by utopia.de. It is a discussion and information platform for sustainability.



Who cares after I’m gone?

‘Now’ ist the magic word in our ever more sophisticated information society. As with any community self-manifestation is the driver. It made 51 thousand utopians sign up. Social economic responsibility, any good doing appears a pretence. A likely excuse for getting into the conversation.

A born entrepeneur, Claudia Langer enjoys having influence. As a doer she loves to get her hands dirty. Give her credit rather for saving her life than saving the world. It is something to follow suit.

Claudia Langer is not likely to turn her back on an endless sustainability conversation. The conversation ended with the launch of a campaign back in the days of her Munich ad agency. With social media it is a continuous conversation.

Langer could try sell her conversation platform on Flippa and invest in building an app. Tapper into the opportunities the internet of things provides. A simple app to help people with their daily strategic consume. Something as simple as pointing people to proven sustainable sellers in their neighbourhood.

A high octane app or machine site to help ethical consumption reach epical proportions.



  • 51,000 registered users
  • 19,709 vistors per day (according to statbrain)
  • 150.000 unique visitors/month
  • 7 min avg. time on site
  • Find statistics for ethical consumption here
  • Visit Utopia
  • Learn why Claudia Langer and Alex Bogusky should get together on strategic consumption




14. German Trend Day: Social Wealth / UTOPIA.DE: Claudia Langer and Meike Gebhard (simultaneous translation: english) from Trendbuero on Vimeo.