James Bond movies are having a hard time keeping up

So do ad agencies, politics, education and larger parts of the economy.

This time it’s not society that is to blame, it’s organisations.

Society has changed and has become transformative, more than its organisations.

Seen from abroad, a good bunch of US industries are adapting to the change in consumer behavior rather well.

Most noticeably the change in TV productions.

Grey’s Anatomy is all about behavior. No better place to learn how to interact and cooperate in collaborative workplaces than here.

And yes it’s the learning curve that keeps us watching.

There is an unprecedented number of documentaries coming to your theater. TV series are becoming amazing – more amazing than motion pictures.

And it’s no longer action that drives entertainment, it’s behavior.

Even with thrill series like Prison Break or The Walking Dead.

How people interact with one another is what drives entertainment.

Entertainment is becoming transformative since the event of 9/11 in an unprecedented radical way.

This perhaps is more obvious when observed from abroad.


Behavior not action is now the driver of the entertainment industries

James Bond movies are turning toward behavior as well, but fall a bit short being squeezed in between the action (see Skyfall trailer above). The art of storytelling is compromised by the action.


Change even though evolutionary is radical

Earlier this year, Gareth Kay asked, Where are all the new radicals?

The short answer by adweek’s Kristen V. Brown.

Throughout the year it became obvious that even when organisations take on the right ideas, they fall short in execution. Be it by lack of experience or because the decision makers decide to revert concentration back to proven methods, since the new approach doesn’t catch on.


Big money accumulates through the vast number of small people

It’s the number of people relying on a healthy self-conception, pioneer spirit, taking risks and learning to be more radical as small entrepreneurs and the vast number of people making use of strategic consumption that are determining the nation’s future economic health.

Is it the republican or the democratic party to provide better support for and enable American entrepreneurs and strategic consumption?

Which of the two aims to provide regulations benefitting businesses doing social good?

Who is the more radical change agent, Obama or Romney?

Which party aims to provide a strategic platform encouraging business start ups?

Will the winning party make it a rule for successful businesses to give back with no loss on their end? Read Faris’ Good For Business for insights.