Oreo Photo- Fast Company

Photo: Fast Company



Many marketers are catching on and are now accepting less to be more. A phrase from a Robert Browning poem, an oxymoron and design theory famously adopted by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Oreo places its bets on thinner…



OREO Thins Photo: Mondelez International

Photo: Mondelez International



…from Alex Couch’s portfolio on Medium comes a documentation that makes the simplify trend immediately visible. He redesigned the Comcast remote. Read full report here.



Alex Couch redesign of the remote control

Alex Couch common sense redesign of the remote control



Logo redesign for Logitech

New Logitech logo



What design principles drove Brazil to rethink the olympic torch…
I dunno.



Brazilian olympic torch

Brazil’s Olympic Torch



What I do know is that simplifying processes, products, public services and communications can’t be all wrong. Not in times, when people’s general reaction to transformation is disorientation.