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Logo + Logotype

Less is more demonstration by the new logo of the German soccer team.



The German soccer team gets rid of a mouthful and drops everything in their logotoype except for “team”. Thereby sending a signal to the German design nation.

Relief and clarity often come into effect, once you drop what has become irrelevant. Less weight or less hard trying to establish meaningfulness means less gravity pull.



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung_2



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung

All new Sunday paper “FAS”by David Hein



To judge print, you must hold the paper in your hands. Come Sunday, the new layout of the FAS launches. They try to avoid calling it launch and don’t want it understood as reaction of the Bavarian weekend paper “Süddeutsche”, and the new appearances of “Spiegel” and “Focus”.

I’ve been observing and writing about a chain reaction of redesigns everywhere. Die landslide of onepagers and website relaunches with the event of an increase of mobile users and the necessary adapting of a less complicated and complex design that comes with it. All people do now, is swiping and thumbing.



Demand for website design is greater today than in the nineties

With my new business model, I am placing my bets on the growing demand for redesign. On getting those 2.4 million German websites of small business owners and family businesses up to date.

Thereby sharpening and strengthening their brand and eventually increasing sales.





Talk has migrated to the web.
Business sites with blog-DNA promote knowledge transfer and sales.


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