Micah Lexier + Christian Bok

left: Micah Lexier right: Christian Bok
Both texts make use of the exact same letters and punctuation marks including their frequency.
Seen as such the texts are the same. Photo: Jacklyn Atlas.

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Metropolis Maria

Metropolis Maria man machine, 1927.

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Star Wars android C-3PO, 1977.



An early work in my destination as designer was pulled of the market due to plagiarism infringement. Even so I remained under the illusion for another 10 years that ideas were mine.

Even today it is possible and likely, that people out there suffer from the illusion to be creating their own ideas, while Kirby Ferguson has long busted the myth with “Everything is a Remix” to social engineers’ fullest satisfaction.

Updating of the legal texts for patents, copyright, and intellecutal property has yet to get under way on a national and global level.