Every change needs a beginning

© Heimat, Berlin

The people from Kandava in Latvia keep their hands in their pockets until one day, a walnut takes up much of the end of the street.

One citizen gets a hammer from within the giant nut, apparently a repository for tools, and goes to work immediately. The people of Kandava follow and likewise get awfully busy with handicrafts and repairs.

Every change needs a beginning

See for yourself:

Think of Hornbach as German home depot.


Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin | Production: Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin | Service-Production: Film Angels, Riga | Executive Producer: Stephan Vens, Nani Meimeth | Director: Pep Bosch | Camera: Paco Femenia | Editor: Fabrizio Rossetti | Online & Special Effects: El Ranchito, Madrid | Music: Sizzer, Amsterdam | Sound-Design: Audioforce, Berlin | Mediaplaning: CROSSMEDIA, Düsseldorf

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