Helmut Schmidt, 7. August, 2012.

Adored German former chancellor Helmut Schmidt at age 93.


Seventeen insights

It’s not an Euro crisis, it’s a debt crisis.

All European debt responsibility.

There will be no inflation.

Jean Claude Junker, chairman of the Euro group and Luxemburgs Premier, may be overviewing the situation.

German Federal Minister of finances, Wolfgang Schäuble is a born European, Angela Merkel is not.

Proportional decrease of Europeans in the world population.

Accept China as world power.

It won’t neccessarily stay that way (that the German nation is doing well during the debt crisis).

Europe currently indicates an outside impression of an incapacity to act.

They do not have the energy to do which were required, it has to do with the European constitution not having been implemented nor written.

Due to the occurrences in the 20. Century, Germany can not take on European leadership.

Not without the support of the USA or Britain.

Proportional representation leads to multiple parties in the parliament.

Wealth tax was an old tax, and old taxes are good taxes.

Overview, judgement, energy and authorization, are considered wanted characteristics.

Representative democracy not popular vote.

Barak Obama failed to deliver on two promises: end the war in Afghanistan and end Guantánamo.


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