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Harley Davidson is delighted to catch you at surprise with an eletric Harley and brings LiveWire™ on the road for consumer insights. It’s no green project but one to claim innovative thinking for the motorcycle manufacturer.

Someone remarks that if he wanted such a sound he’d go buy a vacuum cleaner.

Habits will rapidly adjust and develop another sensory detector to replace the tactile response of motor noise. Humans are fantastically equipped with subconscious sensors waiting to be called upon. Apes may have the advantage of not requiring tech aid but we too are somewhat flexible with no technological aid.

Wildlife demonstrates a variety of options on how theoretical knowledge consisting of the trained habit of paying attention to motor noises can be substituted by another sensory organ.

LiveWire™ makes not use of loudspeakers to imitate motor sound but emulates it mechanically. It is what kids do with attaching a cardboard or wood piece with laundry brackets to their bicycle spokes and rattle and roam down the alley for everyone to hear.

A skeuomorph design, which will be considered ridiculous as soon as a more sophisticated perspective has been reached in the process. The point of no return however is now, as it will have become an economical issue down the line.

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