Ruber Iglesias, CEO of McCann Worldgroup

Ruber Iglesias, CEO of McCann Worldgroup

Good work Ruber Iglesias, congratulation

Beginning 2019, the German car manufacturer and McCann Germany are back together which comes as a welcome surprise even to an alumni like myself. “German,“ “approachable“ and “inspiring“ is the take away, people should bring home from every touch point. Reasons for re-engaging with the global network 8 years after, are to be found in the evident features of its global network says Tobias Gubitz, director brand strategy and marketing communications:

  • European network of literally award-winning top creatives.
  • Efficiencies, since McCann already does work with the Britisch affiliated brand Vauxhall.
  • [1. Substandard delivery of those exact features also caused Opel to end their contract in 2011 after more than 81 years.]

Opel & McCann

Proof wanted for
truth well told

Perhaps a very pragmatic, democratization of the products can be made available on short call to help stop the decrease in admissions and loss of market share. All while a universally relevant truth, is found and can be told.

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