Marianne Obermüller

Marianne Obermüller, CEO of earthrise Management GmbH

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Hilft immer

Chocolate always helps.

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“Ideas that do” was coined by Gareth Kay.




To reach business goals with aid of organised social goodness is regarded as normal and best practice by trusted brands (see previous entry where German Telekom collaborates with the Tutu Project and creates a win win situation). Next up are lesser known brands inverting the process by placing the product behind the message of social goodness.

If the process can be reversed, is what Munich entrepreneur Marianne Obermüller is experimenting with by launching what I believe to be a pilot project „Chocolate always helps”.

What comes first social or business? Same difference? Blurred lines? Don’t be fooled, business first – no exception.

With this chocolate experiment, demand must come from individual need of wanting to help and its sibling social pressure, the chocolate if anything is of secondary relevance.

A poorly executed approach to integrated communication on a local budget, by which brand (Chocolate always helps), product (chocolate) and claim (always helps) melts into one.


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