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204 water jets provide comfort for a wellness shower that keeps your hair dry
and professionals ready to go.


Stefan Raab's doosh shower head



German music promoter and tv anchor man Stefan Raab steps up to maintain a reputation for the German Design Nation

Anthony Bourdain had put his finger on what may well be Germany’s deepest wound when exploring Berlin for his pre CNN food documentary.


“It’s all dead.”

Anthony Bourdain


Now Stefan Raab, a German celebrity, tv moderator and music promoter steps up to take Germany’s reputation as design nation forward from back then, when Braun enjoyed triumphs with designs from Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs.

When Frog Design was all the rage and had a say in Steve Jobs NeXT design, the predecessor of todays OS X, besides the ever lasting myth of German Engineering, even though Germany never had much of a say since emerging new technologies began to make everything never be the same again.

Say hello to Stefan Raab.[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]

doosh shower head center

doosh jets located in the center of the boomerang shaped device optionally allow for a conventional shower experience and let you wash your hair as with any old shower head

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doosh arms

doosh arm set to shoulder height prevent hair from getting wet



Germany needs to buckle up and send light beams of innovative signals and demonstrate a willingness to share with Europe’s economy as does every other nation. So yes, Stefan Raab you are welcome

German manufacturers and marketers may however want to trust their product development and enngineering skills and listen tightly to what the change in consumer behaviour is longing for. Products so good they speak for themselves.

Omit the additional level Stefan Raab makes use of in the doosh launch campaign it only demonstrates lack of confidence in the product and in the level of sophistication, informed consumers have reached.


The product is the media

With all energy put into developing a good product and its mature performance, you are safe to omit additional levels and rely on the product, its usefulness, relevance and social goodness

  • Shower comfortably and be ready to go with with hair perfectly dry.
  • Water is precious. Bring down its consumption 20 percent.
  • Effective against bacteria and germs found in conventional shower heads.
  • DIY installation in less than 1 minute.

Product design now has an obligation to contribute to social goodness and help prevent things from getting worse.

The good story the manufacturer aims to tell and get the product talked about must now be centered around a unique selling proposition inherent in the product design as a serious contribution to social goodness.