Sag nicht Projekt…

Three situations that are punished quite justified.


Should you be visiting Germany these days, don’t say project unless you mean it. If you are like me and love to talk about your project, don’t. You might get slapped in the face for not taking it all the way through delivering.

„Serious crazy shit…”


„Feeling the emotions of others…”


„Look at him, then look at me…”

One of two German ad agencies known to deliver entertaining and relevant advertising to the lives of consumers is back. With a brief ad and radio message for their home improvement supplies retailing company Hornbach: “Don’t say project if you don’t mean Hornbach.”

A slap in the face of who love talking about their project whenever they get a chance.

Don’t say project…”

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German worldclass advertising

German worldclass advertising

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Heimat, Berlin
Cobblestone, Berlin
Nico Beyer