“I let you win three out of four games last night. Happy birthday!” “Don't be a dick, Stingray.”

“I let you win three out of four games last night. Happy birthday!”
“Don’t be a dick, Stingray.”



The e-sport game of UT99[1. A moddet version of the first person shooter Unreal Tournament] teached me more about consumer behavior than the lessons I learned during an extended good life in advertising.

Stingray -we’ve been playing together since our early childhood-, likes to think of himself as №1 unless The One has joined or Big Z is around.



How Stingray is easily defeated

  1. Avoid duelling each other on the dance floor when Stingray is around. He’ll just drop a deemer on you all.
  2. Don’t follow him after he made you feel safe by calling you a “basturd” indicating that you just fragged him. He’ll be waiting on you, kneeling down and take you out as UT Sniper he was once known for.
  3. While you are involved in ESR fights amongst one another, he’ll go after the bots and beat you by the numbers. His name ist Stingray, but he’s got an elephant’s memory and knows where the bots respawn.
  4. Like Sparks or POOSTICKS, he’s versed in multiple weapons. While you are fiddling with the ESR he’ll get you with some other weapon.
  5. Storm, buggerlugs and Maehsi are incredibly fast, he’ll run and get you with the deemer. He’s fast with switching to just the right weapon.


    The One may be the best with rapid translocations and safe aim. Stingray won’t become №1. Not in another 10 years. Sorry Bambino. He’s sweet to play though. Join his game play.

    Join Bukie Monster, Algerian Girl, Dada, Sinister, Bit, Sashman, Fuzzy Bear, Chuck, SubZero, Stomper, POOSTICKS, Buggerlugs, Bit… You too can beat Stingray.[maxbutton id=”23″]

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