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Donald Trump

Donald Trump




Real estate billionaire and business magnate, Donald Trump may want to run for U.S. President on the Republican ticket in 2012. The Donald’s vigorous, direct polemic is seductive, even convincing in these post-digital times of global, holistic transformation. In the thick of its long tail my patience has finally run out.


Donald Trump’s evil plans


Rid the US from long tail. Triumph with simple solutions, applied immediately.

All is fair in love, politics and in the ad business. With a proven track record, business man Trump makes Obama look pale when it comes to economics. The beauty of Trump, as the man himself suggests, is being rich. No fiscal help required as Donald Trump can position himself without depending on third party funds. While Obama has achieved like no other to have the American public transform. A status (that of being in the midst of much needed transformation) used by other nations to their benefit and our disadvantage. A more experienced, higher performing and aggressively innovative USA are being left behind.