current big work assignment


to go
Hammerstein & Maier, Augustenstr. 101,
Munich, Germany.

Stärkung auf Rädern

Meals on wheels
Tramezzini or Naan, which is your favorite?

Dido visiting Augustenstr. 101 from Linz, Austria

Same D-I-D-O in front of
Hammerstein & Maier coffee shop



Doing the big work (at the little table)

Courtesy of Seth Godin.

Most of the day is spent in little work. Clerical, bureaucratic, meetings, polishing, improving, reacting, responding.

The obligation is to carve out time for the big work.

The big work that scares you, that brings risk, that might very well fail.

And we’re most likely to do that work when it’s least expected, when the table is small, the resources are lacking and time is short.

No need to wait for permission or the lightning bolt of inspiration. The big work is available to you as soon as you decide to do it.