It was once understood yet never mandatory for marketers to also understand their marketing as an act of education. Why should it be any different now that even successful start ups and new technologies won’t create as many workplaces as we would wish for to cure our worst ill, that of unemployment?

By default it should be understood if not mandatory for economy leaders and politicians to signal: “Blend compassion to services”, “No campaigning if not for social good”, “Campaign around ideas that do for the better”

You get the idea.

Influential agencies to collaborate on putting out a petition for agency leaders and powerful clients to sign, addressed at AAAA and other great US advertising associations and trade papers will get the ball rolling.

Go here for the article reminding us of what to wrap our heads around with:


Can mandatory social media service save America?

An industry aggregator recommending those companies who already are doing good for the better. A showcase of great ideas and leading by example as does Chris Salgardo with Kiehls.


Chris Salgardo, president of Kiehls courtesy of Lawrence Ferber (pending)