Sascha Lobo bei Precht

Germany’s most listened to digerati Sascha Lobo at philosopher Precht’s public tv show.



Sorry no English language transcript available.





Margaret Thatcher forced Great Britain through the transformation from industrial- to information society, much to the liking of London’s bank district.

Bevor chancellor Merkel could give her go with a digital agenda for Germany, e-commerce has already taken over much of tv commercials air time.

Most Germans take Facebook and Amazon for the internet. Can’t blame them, German journalism is the culprit. German journalism has failed miserably to make the digital discourse and digest theirs. TV stepped in with stellar quality documentaries such as Raphaël Enthoven’s Philosophy on to name just one. Alas, many discarded their tv sets now that quality tv is here.

While convinced to be a critical people, all attention is owed to a commercial agenda rather. Sasha Lobo, Germany’s only widely popular, digital straight shooter now claims ownership of what he coins as platform capitalism.

And as e-commerce’s dominance reveals, platform-capitalism already enjoys broad acceptance, while other digital advances remain in the dark. We are witnessing the rise of a mono culture with precarious employer-employee relationships to be expected as future consequence.




Placing requests at politics at this early stage is wrong. That will occur if at all during the definition of new rules and regulations. It requires an in depth understanding of the subject through experience as much as mandatory open systems and an API in every case.

New entrepreneurs and established ones are discovering the web to enter the conversation with their product and to maintain a DIY business chronicle of their own. Technology to enable those who have no funds but ideas to get around advertising, has been around as long as the web.

Once in broad use, self-actualisation takes place naturally and continuously with the effect that knowledge transfer is no longer broken. Only then differences in quality will be noticed and people can decide if they want to keep littering their life’s quality with useless purchases.

In Lobos words this takes place un-simultaneously at different intervals yet it will certainly take place.

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