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Does the world need banks to carry on?

The world needs the functionality of a bank account not a bank. An amazing solution, with which Josh Reich has brought to market an alternative with a fee- and hassle free account, omitting everything people hate banks for (fees, confusing bank products, contracts, additional insurances etc.)

In the United States, Josh Reich has implemented Simple, radically making available what the Commerzbank ad by Thjnk, barely has begun to think about and are contemplating over in a W+K sort of fashion.

Simple is pragmatic functional and helps clients do what they thought they needed a bank for to get done with: transactions.

Money transfers, standing orders for recurring payments, easy handling in every instance made more elegant and usable. No humanitarian promises, prone to fall short from being delivered.


  • A bank statement, even I can comprehend.
  • Safe-to-Spend™ The current account balance, is dynamically context sensitive and includes pending transactions. It shows you what’s safe to spend.
  • Passwords are easy to hack. Instead of a password, Simple asks for a response only the user can know to a qustion only she is familiar with, terribly difficult for hackers to hack.
  • Your Simple account goes with you where you go, a mobile iOS app for your safe transaction needs.



“Simple replaces your bank, but we are not a bank.”

The company is a front-end built on top of a FDIC-insured partner bank: The Bancorp Bank.

The difficulty Simple is facing is the narrow profit margin earned with interests, which was the genuine, conventional business model that got banks started. With the many unhappy costumers running out the backdoor of their conventional neighborhood bank, and requesting an invite from Simple here, this should not be much of a difficulty for Simple in the near future. Think of the unforeseen, sudden omnipresence of Paypal and you’ll get the idea.

Everyone can do with their money and strategic consumption what they feel is right.

Benjamin Jackson has written down his experience with Simple for you here.

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Josh Reich, founder and CEO of Simple

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It’s a good day


What we need is banking not banks

My first entry on Reich’s genius Simple idea , received a commentary by Matthias Kroener, CEO of Munich’s recently founded Fidor Bank, which unlike Simple, falls short of being a utility turning a commodity.

It’s insanely great for the CEOs to get to know each other and think up a winning solution for the two to collaborate on and make Simple available to Europe with headquarters in the city of Munich.

Find Fidor here. Find Simple here.

Josh this is Matthias.

Matthias this is Josh.

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