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DIY website in the age of social media

It’s all about your online presence.

A true reflection of your personality, visible to everyone and all the time.

Watch how Thomas Mahon wraps it up brilliantly for all you marketers and entrepreneurs.

It is critically important all businesses and individuals not only have an online presence they are proud of, but one that they are in control of (Anthony Casalena).

Made simple, intuitive maintenance is a deciding factor if you wish to continuously create new meaning for your brand.

“Communications need[s] to be delivered with ruthless efficiency and regularity”

Nick Brien, CEO of McCann Worldgroup              

Susan Newman offers an easy to grasp comparison of popular CRM systems here.

Mark Wilson from Fast Company’s CoDesign claims Squarespace 6 to be “the all-in-1 website builder we’ve been waiting for”. For Mark, Squarespace mashes up WordPress, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Monthly fees are 8 or 14 dollars (incl. your own domain).

Get started here. Try Squarespace free for 14 days. No credit card required.