Erik Lautenschläger, Tom Krimi, Nora Tschirner are Prag.

Erik Lautenschläger, Tom Krimi, Nora Tschirner are Prag.


Second single release ‘Bis einer geht’ (until one leaves)


First single release: Sophie Marceau.


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Nora Tschirner

Band member Nora Tschirner

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Lena Meyer-Landrut

European Song contest winner Lena Meyer-Landrut

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Sophie Marceau Source: bullspress.

French actress Sophie Marceau.
Source: bullspress.

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Petra Schürmann

German actress Petra Schürmann



DIY longtail music marketing

A German band with decidedly vintage choice of music released their first album ‘Premiere’ two days ago.

A recall for what the growing fifty something buying power population holds dear. Nostalgic memories of what made them tick at young age.

By the band’s interpretation, the french actress Sophie Marceau.

In the Fifties and Sixties, continuous airing of french movies preoccupied even the most discriminating art school mind as french movies were known to expose their young actresses at some point or the other and nothing busied the young, inquiring male mind more than the naked truth.


Know your category

Band member Nora Tschirner has stared in successful German motion pictures and is a national celebrity. For Prag to avoid becoming known as Nora Tschirner band, they founded their own label, Týnská records and a do it yourself, bottom up approach.

With four performances the band has begun to write its chronicle.


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Unexperienced German bands have issues with knowing their category. They know what they don’t want to be, rarely do they know what they want to be. It helps to know your category to own it. Black artist knew this and turned rap music into big business. Better known German artists know theirs and are determined to own it (Scooter, Rammstein, Tokio Hotel)

The Eagles’ Hotel California ended the reign of a category known as west coast music.


Falling short on a new aesthetic

With the nonchalance Berlin is known for, the band allows for their chronicle to get written in co design with their audience. (Way to go as long as you are backed by a vital label like Pitchfork fitting your category.) They must trust the people and papers to tell them what they are, while their story unfolds.

Today’s post by Seth Godin comes in handy but ads pressure to maintaining marketing:


The long run keeps getting shorter

In the long run, we’re all dead, sure that’s still true.

But the other long run effects–in the long run, you get caught, in the long run, kindness wins out, in the long run, we learn about who you really are–all of those are happening faster than they used to.

The short run has always been short (and it’s getting shorter still). The real change, though, is how short the long run is getting.