Distorted Generations – DLDwomen 2011

Finally, here is Cindy Gallop’s speech at Munich’s DLDwomen 2011. I was afraid that my locals would be rather unhappy whith what my adored lady had to say on the topic of sexuality and technology. I was relieved to hear the audience finally laughing out loud when Cindy was referring to the many responses make love not porn is getting, as of being of entertainment value to her. Germans in general don’t mind public display of niples or pubic hair but react stingy when it comes to old world female emanzipation issues, seemingly contradicting with popular, liberal beliefs. Find twitter responses to Lady Gallop’s TED speach on Storify. You can get an e-book version of the TED book Make Love Not Porn here. It’s only $4.26 and available for Mac or Kindle as e-book. When you are ready, go enter the conversation on Make Love not Porn, for an entertaining and educational comparison of real world versus porn world perceptions.


Make Love not Porn

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