Disneyland Map

Map and overview from the genuine proposition, 1953. (Walt Disney and Herb Ryman)



Disneyland signature



Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, Boing Boing is pleased to present the first-ever look at the origin Disneyland proposal.

The paper with which Disney hoped to raise money for his theme park and get his brother, Roy Disney to raise the $17 Million needed to get it built.

The pitch sessions and paper failed with three different New York bankers.




Proposal = Brochure
Map – Overview
8 typed pages
description and sales copy




Should you consume yourselves like myself with writing propositions, then you’d be interested to learn, how Disney’s proposal revealed insights, indicating a selling strategy and how souvenirs, gift shops, gifts, merchandising (merchantainmen) were integrated right from the beginning.

Nothing comes from nothing.

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