Nick Brien

Nick Brien searching for a fellow exectutive officer to make McCann Germany shine in the New World


Why being a McCann CEO is as easy or easier than being Italy’s president is for Berlusconi

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With the internet having become a splinternet and consumers and market fragmentation taking place at the rate of high speed fibre glas broadcasting, there simply is no ad agency in Europe that can handle the diversity of consumer demands and is technology whizzed in the post-digital age, both on a global scale.


All but one that is. Interpublic’s McCann Erickson with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. With 8 years as interactive creative lead, I know McCann inside out and I have come to know the market from a more objective viewpoint of one on the outside looking in. Frank Ladner, the chief technology officer has long achieved acceptance in Detroit and helped make Frankfurt’s technology whiz renown in Europe and the world. It was Sean Condon to keep a focus on technology, a serious competitive advantage owned by McCann Worldwide in Frankfurt.
The one thing McCann needs from their new CEO is orientation and single mindedness across all platforms. McCann means business. That’s the single mindedness needed here. Much like Apple Inc. returned to their design roots to become the most loved brand out there, McCann must return to, trust, love and rediscover the merits of truth well told in the post digital age. McCann has got the power but lacks popularity. The later than is responsible for account losses to the benefit of McGarry Bowen most lately. Smaller, more intimate shops just seem to have a better hand in customer relationship management. The needed systematic measures to be applied don’t sound like a call for revolution but will have the intended effect in no time even though applied as long tail marketing measure. I can count them on one hand. McCann is the most successful branding facility out there and incredibly successful in numbers for their blue chip clientele. All eyes on Frankfurt. Frankfurt will strongly influence reasons to believe in McCann’s worldwide operations.