doing is good

doing is good was coined by Gareth Kay, the bionic ad man.

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The Beatles Friendship pictures
With the most successful band of all times, Paul and John stuck their heads together to sing into one and the same microphone. As a child I was concerned if this wasn’t too close for comfort for the two. Together the fab four crossed Abbey Road using the perfectly legal and safe cross-walk or zebra crossing as they say in Britain.


The Beatles Abbey Road


Friendship pictures that have made for an unforgetable, big impression. We love to see pictures of people, even when we don’t know the person we love looking at so much. We feel lucky and it makes us glad to get to see friendship picts. Pictures of people with a liking for one another.

Can you name a greater gift?
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The Discoverers Engine of The Economy
When I discover anything I like, I want to share my discovery with someone. Any discovery gives me the sensation of ownership. By sharing my discovery, I claim authority. After all it is my discovery. With those I share my discovery with, my standing improves. Discoverers have a better reputation than those without. This holds true even though there may be hundreds of earlier discoverers in another part of town or elsewhere in the world. With discoveries I feel excitement and never at a loss or lonely. At this age and time, I have come to the conviction that making discoveries outperforms having sex or any motivation—you name it. It keeps me happy even when I should be down. The social networks have brought back the sensation of sharing discoveries with one another.

Can you name a better opportunity to gain or regain reputation without having to invest in a Porsche?
No revolutionary new insights… We have had a lifetime to witness the effects of friendship pictures and more so, discovery as a means of motivation and built in survival strategy. Sex sells – good luck with it… Making discoveries however is a vital survival strategy, we all had great experience with from the day we were born. No discovery, no learning experience. As animals and humans we soon diminish and decay. {A good few of my 25-45 year old colleagues diminish and decay as we speak from loss of discovery. Imagine that. They procrastinate at their ad agencies in the most exciting of all times in advertising! Burn out has become all the rage.} It’s no different with brands. Continuously creating new meaning for the brand is a great pleasure and vital survival strategy. To see to her discovery is the inherent selling strategy.