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To the attention of Günter and Helmut Sendlmeier, and dear friends at McCann Erickson

This is not a first at setting out with ideas that do¹ to win over a powerful brand agency to take on my idea of offering a service on time for the new ad age. Complex right sizing or new silo formations are so old world. Not my thing and way over my head.
My humble idea however can be put to work and work hard and profitable in no time as a service. The real idea is to put the idea to work as a service. You good people may long have a scheme of an organizational mash-up, a bit of Webber Shandwick, a good portion of Future Brand and much of the global roll out powers of McCann/Universal Media. Yet would’nt that call for dedicated silo formation after all? Same here but with a difference. Put it to work as a service and all falls in place naturally. Plain simple, a service is sexy, organisational is the nephew of bureaucratic and a pain even for those who win. What was the idea?


¹Gareth Kay, Director of Digital Strategy, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.


Digital footprints as a service brings conventional branding faster to the market at a fraction of the costs and is 100 per cent measurable


How long will a client have to wait before she gets to see the brand solution from Future Brand? Half a year, maybe less? With digital footprints expect feedback from the marketplace after two weeks so you can make adjustments and improvements in a real time fashion based on hard facts and statistics. Contrary to conventional branding, where idea are prefabricated upon notion and heavy market and consumer research, digital footprint takes all stakeholders (agency team/client team/consumers) on a come natural step by step walk on the wild side where problems are solved when they occur and new ideas are integrated as they introduce themselves. An organic, natural evolution and selection consistently accompanied and guided by real time statistics.


Client profits. Agency invests.

The agency invests their enormous brand expertise and will cut short on market research and consumer tests. Results become available as the conversation (communication) unfolds. Adjustment take place just as momentarily yet improvements are implemented more consistently.

New York City strategist Ana Andjelic states why digital marketing so efficient: “I don’t care about why people do things, i care about how they do them.” Find her post here.


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Brand Advocacy

A consumer who discovers a brand by herself will likely claim ownership of her discovery thereby becoming a brand advocat. She then sets forth with recommending her discovery.



It’s the thirst for knowledge we are born with, Possibly the most powerful motivation of all. Why? It allows us to survive. By learning we become capable of doing. Why this motivation has no mentioning in Abraham Maslow’s ‘Theory of Human Motivation’, I don’t know perhaps Maslow need rewrite his paper.
Google has taken our thurst for knowledge serious. Google’s tremendous world success was built on this motivation.