digital footprints
digital footprints

What are digital footprints?

Snail trails left behind by brands on the internet

A sticky streak of lube remains forever sticky as ever increasing search inquiries spit out results on the internet. We are at and beyond 10 billion core searches per month by Americans alone. Regardless if we care to know, consumers let Google do the dirty work for them. Consumers get their smarts from snail trails left behind by brands. This goes way beyond the first impression conventional advertisers have leveraged so very well for the old world. And yes, the first impression hardly fails even in our new world. The increasingly sophisticated consumer however longs for more. Much more. She wants to continuously discover reasons to believe in the brand and she insists on discoveries of her own.

Consumers get their smarts from snail trails left behind by brands

This is great for all stakeholders involved yet likely overlooked, the consumer who has discovered a brand on her own needs not be lured into purchasing the product or service, it has long been obtained by her. After all it is her discovery, hence she sets forth to recommend her true and tried discovery to others.

Digital footprints as a service

A sexy scalable offering turning the snail trail into a blossom scented flowery trail of daisies & daffodils will make a world renown company for its conventional branding skills such future brand appear in a new light and have people admit: “sure smells like teen spirt.”

Bristol by Laura Barnard
Bristol by Laura Barnard

The public craves for fresh ideas, and a service which delivers on the promise of a systematic approach for achieving and maintaining a respectable reputation for brands must be brought to market by Future Brand and the McCann Worldgroup in less than a month. A service offering is rolled out more efficenty and with greater effect than the organisational and oh so old world approach with which my beloved Munich siblings Günter and Helmut Sendlmeier would fall short with. Digital Footprint as a service for fortune 1000 clientele is available immediately and will be put to use in an organic, evolutionary step-by-step roll oujt. Clients will profit by continuously creating new meaning for their brands with digital footprits.

slow-marketing's snail tra
consumers get their smarts from snail trails

Be sure to learn more about digital footprints and how to make them work hard for global brand networking agencies and their fortune 1000 clientele early next week.