“Women feel so conflicted about being sexual right now, but we’re taking a position to still be sexy, unapologetically so, but from an empowered female perspective.”

-Sabina Weber, head of brand marketing, American Apparel

Browsing their Instagram, I can’t seem to make out much difference to frivolous yet straight forward, voyeuristic marketing by Dov Charney. His approach to advertising is still in place. That of having employees take snapshots of guys and girls wearing American Apparel.

With a difference, AA recruited the models by way of Instagram posts as long as they were at least 18 years of age.

Avoiding bankruptcy, Canadian Gildan Activewear took over American Apparel early this year. Vowing to know American Apparel’s history of marketing and not to repeat it.

According to Adweek’s T.L. Stanley, it was a smart move by Sabina Weber, recently named one of Adweek’s L.A. Brand Stars, to mix and match and leave behind the Dov Charney legacy and…

go where?

A recent hint by German politician, Norbert Blüm leads to answer such question: “The future is not simply the continuation of the present..”

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