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Today: German Dance Music



It’s summertime now.


“Die immer lacht” by Stereoact featuring Kerstin Ott is on top of the German dance charts right now and much of its success may be contributed to the repetitive, seamless singing of a short phrase – which is also the song’s title – as if it were a single word. It’s easy and fun to sing along.

What the title translates to?

It’s her who always laughs”. In German, “die immer lacht” sung as “dieimmerlacht”, wrapping a short sentence into a single word makes for poetry.

Think along the lines of She’s a rainbow or laughing all the way to the bank.

What Kerstin Ott is telling the German music scene is to keep it simple stupid (kiss). A follow up to 99 balloons by Nena should anyone remember Nena being aired outside of Europe. German minimalism stripped of the high brows and a bit slow in Tempo it’s currently Number 1 on the German dance chart welcoming the summer of 2016.


die immer lacht