Apple display on Ludwigstrasse, near Munich’s University.


Desktop Devo

Apple desktop evolution[column width=”47%” padding=”3%”]

Cramped handling – as seen with the new iPad Mini

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Elegant handling – as seen with Amazon’s Kindle

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“I’ve seen the future!”
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“Me too!”
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The rotten side of Apple

  1. iCloud and so-called cloud computing is a bad idea, since central storage of mass data is counterproductive to ensuring independence and survival of the web, it makes users vulnerable. Something Tim Berner Lee, the inventor of the web has made us aware as documented by the Guardian here.. Social networking silos have your data, not you.
  2. It is the nature of aggregators, to enable users on one side and strip them of their ownership on the other side (close to all successful new business models are aggregators: iCloud, iTunes, iBooks, Facebook, Amazon…)
  3. The incremental leveraging of mobile to desktop, serves future ease of use for both market places, yet it causes startle with traditional destop users and disrupts efficiency and effectiveness with accomplishing daily chores so that they now may be looking for new alternatives.
  4. Apple has always brought bliss and enlightenment to the life of my beloved ones and mine, not so for the economy and greater business life. A clouded, dreary tendency caused in part by outdated machines still dominates business life.


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European Business Machine

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EBM: Experiencing joy in business routines.
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Europe builds new breakthrough quantum computer in an collaborative effort

A headline that gets the juices flowing.

With the exception of the people’s electric toothbrush (Volkszahnbürste) by Braun/Oral B, European Brands such as Olivetti, Braun, Siemens that stood for a reliable stream of innovations, haven’t done much for the public in recent years.

It’s like it used to be for Apple’s beginning. Talented developers, perhaps from renown technical university of Munich (TU München), got to work for the automotive industry as if they had anything to offer since their beginning, instead of making EBM a reality.

German Engineering? European Identity? German design nation? Secure future?

Swiss watches? Italian fashion? French Laissez Faire? Schwedish quality of life?

Questions that would be answered with one mind blowing action.

An unexpected new computer.

The EBM.

European Business Machine.

The quantum computer built for the business world, without four grave mistakes Apple made.


Read Adam Lashinsky’s “How Tim Cook is changing Apple”