Für die dt. Sprache adaptiertes Litbait Muster

Finally, a noble use of an iffy strategy
Does the end ever justify a means like clickbait?





populist plots
Back in September, the wild detectives, booksellers from Dallas, Texas put out their bait on the Facebook community.



This Italian politician makes Trump look like a saint

~ The Prince by Machiavelli




When it’s OKAY to slut shame single mothers

~ The Scarlet Letter




Provokative populistic lines, published as clickbait. When users clicked on the links, they were directed to a blog post that included the text of the entire book.

“You fell for the bait, now fall for the book” the video concludes.

In notorious observation of my very own behavior, I’d lean toward reading a couple pages on a random basis but won’t likely pick up the book.

I have yet to discover a social media campaign that sells. Imagine Apple iiTunes movie trailers would be a campaign instead of a service. I check in on movies regularly once a week but haven’t seen a movie lately.

Test driving cars will sell cars but reading books online won’t sell books. But watching trailers on Apple iTunes will make you go see a movie. Perhaps you figure the difference in tomorrow’s blogpost.[maxbutton id=”139″]


populist plots