Self help book by Chris Thomas

Self help book from Chris Thomas



I like to be consumed by what makes the people tick, whose work I use to do my work.

This is how I choose with whom I want to associate myself with and grow confidence in my choice. Every so often I run across stuff that expresses what makes me tick —way better than I can get it down on paper.

This is the case with Craig Bryant, Kevin Holesh and Rob Hope.

Looking at his Medium post, Hope stumbled upon Chris Thomas’ epic book, You Have Too Much Shit. A reminder of Dada pamphlets and manifests I was characterised by.



Chris Thomas book site

Chris Thomas book site



Thomas’ website is a jewel, one pager or not. Have a look here.





Rob Hope’s post demonstrates how he got rid1 of not only physical clutter but old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits by moving memory and memorabilia into the net. Mitchell Harper explains how Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday to move the energy afforded for getting dressed, to things of higher priority.

Supreme concentration and conviction may serve best as self help.



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  1. “Clutter is not just physical stuff, it’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits” — Eleanor Brown