Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard

Microsoft’s new ergonomic keyboard


Apple's straight forward keyboard

Apple Tastatur


im Profil

profile view of Apple keyboard


Can you see it? Too many curves, curvatures and partitions of the BMW i3 or any other volume car’s body, make for an impression of something complicated , in sharp contrast to a Porsche or the Volkswagen cars, which come across more straight forward as a result of a simple, straight forward design approach.

This becomes obvious also with the new ergonomic Microsoft keyboard design in comparison to the older Apple keyboard design. The Microsoft keyboard with its deep embedded keys invites the user to strike -or- hammer into the keys with greater physical force as if it were the keys of a mechanical typewriter.

A skeuomorphism and attempt to simulate the tactile rsponse of a typewriter, in a time when hardly anyone knows what a typwriter is.


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