Can the cast of Criminal Minds
please help NSA with their algorithms?



Big data requires
better profiling

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Criminal Minds to the rescue


After WWII, the US of A has had an unfortunate track record of lost wars. We now have our government’s engagement to regret. That on international terrorism.

Even with drone strikes under way, the public may want to consider demanding transparency. Proof of effective concentration on homeland security. Demonstration of effective collaboration with intelligence agencies of western countries under attack.




Let’s not follow an unfortunate track record.
Let’s do what we have a more fortunate proven track record for.




Learn from had experiences

Building off the success of both, Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley. Encourage collaboration and engagement with the country’s developer and design community. And help improve national security with more effective profiling algorithms. Adaption of the lean startup culture. Replace the broken OS with a responsive one.

In 2011 New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg appointed Rachel Haot Chief Digital Officer. Her assignment? Make New York City the digital capitol. More recently Governor Cuomo promoted proliferated Haot to switch the state’s OS to responsive. made use of hackathons. came next. It was also Cuomo who saved us New Yorkers from Ed Koch’s genius strokes more than once.

Better yet ask the team of Criminal Minds to help with briefing.