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Digitale Fußspuren

Digital footprints can do the walking for your business success.

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Ikea's DIY trend

For Ikea, obviously DIY has its rewards, small businesses can’t do without, and mid-sized business profit the most from kkeep intellectual property and capabilities within its walls.




Apple is looking for a few good creatives as it works to bring more of its advertising and marketing in-house.

The move dovetails with a recent Association of National Advertisers study that found big marketers ratcheting up in-house advertising capabilities.

The trend to do work and move work in-house shot up to 58% from 42% five years ago according to US ANA study.

An acceleration is to be assumed with the availability and steady increase of useful open source online tools reducing the need for handcoding and development while increasing the incentive for DIY as an economic alternative.

This invites the obvious, simple thought, that if mummy bloggers can do it, businesses can do it.

From the center of my immediate surrounding, I noticed that my lady’s food blog ‘the courage of others’, is surpassing conventional magazines such as the German business magazine BrandEins or the local city magazine Super Paper according to bloglevel statistics.



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The courage of others

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Brand Eins

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Super Paper




Ramping up capabilities represents a necessary shift in direction for Apple, which under the late Steve Jobs was fairly strict about the headcount in that group.

The group didn’t grow proportionally to the company as it went through astronomical growth, and that was partly because Steve wanted Apple to be seen as a products company, not a marketing company.

Apple is looking for execs with creative experience to help agencies and brands create better ads for its iAd network as well as on the Apple brand.


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