#GRID covergirl Walsh is a partner at Segmeister & Walsh in New York.

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Jessica Walsh

25 year old designer Jessica Walsh is on the cover of new German design magazine Grid.



Orientation in the new world

It’s not what I ask Walsh for, but expect from the German design nation’s new magazine Grid.

Walsh is perhaps a less earned icon for change, than Rachel Sterne, who was assigned CCO of the City of New York by mayor Bloomberg, and has proven an efficient networker in connecting the dots amongst complex agencies and public institutions.

Jessica Walsh does impressive iconic work and her website surpasses the magazine’s >site which is but procurement, an entry form for subscribers, and has yet to evolve to become a site.

Walsh got on the radar, by becoming the covergirl of the newly launched design magazine, while I have long been following up on solutions by Sterne. 10 Answers from Jessica Walsh on Rebecca Silver’s “answers by creative minds”.

Great insights on Jessica Walsh here, the source for Jessica’s legs.


Come Monday I will try to write down my expectations in Grid.