Corporate Cloud Computing


Apple: International business metabolism (IBM)
for the post-digital age.

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WIth my previous post, I expressed concerns with the dangers cloud computing holds in the long run for democracy and independernce we are enabled to and have gained by way of digital being. As does any form of high volume aggregation the sort of… facebook, linkedin, ebay, amazon… ahem …and practically every business oriented enterprise.

War is Over

If you want it

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I have come to realize, that way beyond Apple solving the issues I have with iPad’s miserable document exchange and issues we may all share with allowing any company storing our data centrally, that Apple’s iCloud may provide a passage to a better business life.

Granted, I was always critical of Apple’s family focused communication, whilst having discovered and trust the more than perfect international business machine to be a Macintosh. Especially seen from a server side, enterprise wide perspective. Alas I have never witnessed a back office of a large corporate setting, fully exploiting the features OS X offers for corporate administration such as predefining a standard corporate user template for new employees. Corporate Identity runs deep with Apple Inc.
With Apple now taking on the responsibility that comes with high volume data storage and its accompanying data theft challenges, their iCloud offers a passage to better corporate computing. Synchronization has been a premier convenience Apple offered its paying customers of mobile me for years. Should the corporate world eventually come around to consider Apple as their corporate computing platform, the work place would turn into a more elegant and desirable environment to spent the majority of our living time in.