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Raised a catholic, the bible was said to be the book of books

It’s agreed on throughout western cultures to be the book of books.

No agreement has been reached, that every story, every book, every film script, every presentation slide, every business report, is a derivative from the bible.

The web is very good at spreading assumptions with such vigor as though a fact that can be trusted to be true:
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Everything is a remix

Today Protestants pay tribute to Jesus Christ as a priority event of theirs.

Each of us and each organized community claim one part or the other of the story to be theirs.

Historians may claim, the source of all stories told, to being derivative of Greek mythology.

Muslims may share similar sentiments with the Islam.

Institutions declare derivatives as proprietary, as sole ownership of the community processing the claim.

Having long arrived in the post digital age, we are currently experiencing the fading of institutions and government regulations, born in the industrial age.


It’s useless to expect anyone profiting from the status quo to move on to anything of public interest without it being beneficial to their lobby.

It is plausible, for a politician to discover copyright issues as an opportunity to proliferate and surprise everyone with a new business plan of their own.



Creative Commons, common sense and business acumen

She or he regards development as a friend as confidence seizes into small steps.

Germany is being a great host for me and I am excited that much of the approach we have come to know from lean start-ups has been adopted by the pirate party.

Big problems don’t require big solutions (Gareth Kay).

Copyright must be reconsidered and rewritten starting from scratch.

It will likely be an iterative process and while at it, Germans, in fact Europeans may want to rely on Creative Commons for the time its takes for the laws to be established, on a concise protocol.


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