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B y   C r a i g   B r y a n t



That’s the name of the company Craig Bryant launched eight years ago when he returned to Chicago. Only after he could take his girl from Hesse back home did he leave Frankfurt, where he and I worked at Zentropy Partners.

Craig was quite my opposite, open-minded, polite, always humble. A killer bartender for dry martinis and did he have itchy trigger fingers when at the keyboard!

Mammoth has gone from being a small team focused on Flash and Flex apps, to a team of consultants building financial and workplace communications apps, to a company that’s launched two products, built a multi-million dollar consultancy, and become a workplace and culture distributed across 12 states.



Let it go

Building a company that lasts is similar to entering into a life-long relationship.

Over time, rigidity becomes the enemy, patience and curiosity the virtues.

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