The laugh is always on the loser.



LEFT: Many recall the late 1950’s and early 1960’s as a time of simpler, happy innocence.  RIGHT: A time when hamburgers and milkshakes were good for you.

Excerpt from ‘Nuking Alaska’ by Peter Dunlap-Shohl



LEFT: A time when you could take to the new interstate highway system that spanned the continent, and “find” yourself, to the orgiastischen throb of rock and roll.  RIGHT: When a man with a mere high school degree could earn a decent pay check at a job he would hold for life.

Excerpt from ‘Nuking Alaska’ by Peter Dunlap-Shohl



back into the good life

Read Peter Dunlap-Shohl’s full story of ‘Nuking Alaska’ over at the Nib:



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With the great Trump experiment doubt was introduced into our lives where it has no place.

You bet, nostalgia and wanting back won’t get us anywhere.



Recent titles by the Economist.

Recent titles by the Economist.



Countries with a cultural and historical make-up to follow suit are blowing in the wind.

Right now, it looks as if Germans follow suit and walk in the footprints we Americans are leaving behind. Oh no. They will vote for Schulz in a frenzy of wanting different and wanting back. Schulz is the new candidate who received 100% of the social party’s votes to compete with Merkel for the upcoming German elections.



  • Q: Will any of this contribute to fortune to favor the bold?
  • A: Certainly not as we are demonstrating the failure of the great Trump experiment for all the world to see. The laugh is always on the loser.
  • Q: Will any of this be a contribution in favor of you who voted and are in support of our president. It seems he has become the most mocked of, and least popular president in a two-hundred year history.
  • A: Certainly not, it will strengthen highbrow towner’s ignorant belief. You can’t leave decisions up to uninformed rural dorks. Their vote and loyalty to President Trump proves that they can’t come up with educated decisions.