Coke vs Kola with Stevia

Coke vs Kola with stevia



“Fritz-Kola extends their congratulations to Coca Cola on their groundbreaking innovation.”
Reads German Fritz-Kola’s headline for their current print ad, with which Fritz-Kola®, a successful German cola company reacts promptly to Coca Cola’s news of testing Coca Cola Life in Argentina.

Fritz-Kola® hopes to gain broad support with anti-American resentment and bitter sweet cynisism from the German soda drinking population (bohemians are core audience), instead of centering their advertisement around their involvement with organic solutions (fritz-cola with stevia has been on the market since 2001), concerns and empathy with consumers and their health issues.


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Fritz-Kola® available at HAMA Espressobar in Munich

Fritz-Kola® is being served at the Hammerstein & Maier coffee shop in Munich.