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Coexist The xx Photo: Jamie-James Medina via The xx: Coexist By Arnold Pan

Making a profit in the vapor of time

When the product must be surprising and exciting, its advertising must come as a surprise and be exciting.

Like love, advertising moves in mysterious ways.

The xx are Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft and Jamie Smith.

Since their debut album 3 years ago, they have been heralded as the greatest pop phanomena in late music industry.

Learn here how the three had their second album premiered through a single fan..

Why the WOM experiment worked out so well, is what the adored reader and I are trying to get our hands around in this post.

Been there, seen it, but I wouldn’t have dreamed to strike it rich.

Coexist: Being one of many

Perhaps the biggest surprise with the London band (The xx) is—the difference is, that they don’t make a difference.

They do what everyone does.

The band shares what they like on their tumblr.

Fantastic insights of the band’s orientation surrendered.

Who is willing to give, gets some in return.

The xx are waving at the machines

Waving at machines was coined by James Bridle, with empathy for spambots und webcrawlers and his attempt to help define a new aesthetic.

Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft und Jamie Smith knew exactly, who to send the URL of their Coexist website.

  1. For being so decisive they must have been waving at the machines, and be experienced in maintaining their web presence to a degree of digging into analytics. They selected a fan who had busied him or herself with listening to their music for a good hour and the band has been aware of that.
  2. The XL record label headed by Adam Farrell, made arrangements with Microsoft to implement visualisation of their WOM experiment inspired by Aaron Koblin to demonstrate data development in real time.
  3. A day prior to the US realease of the album, xx made it onto the homepage of Reddit, which fans arranged for.