Cocorino Gelateria

Cocorino Gelateria. Late last year the Gelateria was still testing the more
than 20 ice creams and sorbets to be made on the premises.

Walk through London’s Marylebone and you may notice a new Italian eatery that is opening with little publicity. Cocorino will sell ice creams and snacks. The focacceria has soup, stuffed focaccia, ciabatta, sourdough, thin Italian wraps (piadina) and hot panini. The gelateria is still testing the more than 20 ice creams and sorbets to be made on the premises. The people behind Cocorino are Linda Yau (sister of Hakkasan founder Alan Yau) and the chef Francesco Mazzei. The address is 18, Thayer Street, W1U 3JY and the phone number will be +44-20- 7935-0810 or you might try which should be back up in a few.—excerpt from Bloomberg, find the article here.


Cocorino. Sunny Marylebone Gelateria, Focacceria.

Cocorino. Sunny Marylebone Gelateria, Focacceria.


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This is not about taking an idea, a brand, a concept that is not in the mainstream consciousness and bring it to the mainstream consciousness.
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This is about learning how to make a name for something that is in the mainstream consciousness and have it evolve with help of social media and by all readily available means.
Briefing: Create a socially enabled brand building website including e- commerce for both Cocorino businesses on a local budget within 4 weeks or less.


High and dry Dean and Deluca shop

Technical specifications: We are looking at a custom brand site using the exisiting URL to run on a WordPress installation at a WordPress enabled internet provider preferably out of London. A custom child theme based on the Hemmingway theme must be developed on budget. The local budget allows for a custom shop page in conjunction with a WordPress E-Commerce plugin including options to order through Paypal or direct debit.




London Zoo in Regent Park

Closely associate sunny cocorino illustrations with nearby Regent Park Zoo



Ads: Place an ad in the broshure of nearby London Zoo. Promote your daily menu: Have school kids distribute lunch menus at Regent Park Zoo. Have your artist friend illustrate the menus with animals parading from Regent Park to Cocorino. Have animal footprints spray painted in vivid colors illegally on the pavement from the Regent Park exit to Cocorino’s doorsteps. Document all on video and take photos as you will be needing content for your blogging efforts. Enter Twitter and have an employee tweet your daily delicatessen specials. Reward Twitter followers with free gelati and sorbees (see Dean and Deluca tweet below. Reward the people of Marylebone to refuel on their way home after being done shopping in Selfridges with incentives.



Dean and Deluca on Twitter

Tweet incentives

TV documentary: Allow me to try convince a friend of mine to come visit your store and do a documentary of your two businesses as part of his ongoing documentaries of contemporary craftsmanship currently airing on Bavarian television, which I feel has become a close match to the much adored BBC documentaries. You can then most likely make use trailer versions on YouTube and include them with your blog entries. Have a look here at the blog my girlfriend and I initially set up from one day to the other. I will see to it that your logo typeface is to be used as system font readable by search engines. Do let me know what you think. We have great opportunities for school kids to make a run for Cocorino Gelati and get to know Adam Ant who happens to live in the neighborhood. I am also thinking of asking you to get involved with a facebook account so you can post daily delicatessen served fresh via facebook, which will make it easy on you to assign an employee with the task of posting an entry each day. And your facebook friends can now purchase the delicatessen product right on facebook.

footprints of rare bird running of to Cocorino

Rare zoo bird on its way trough Regent Park Zoo to Cocorino