Georgio Ballabeni

Georgio Ballabeni.
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Balla Beni born with a spoon

Lady Hammerstein came home with the story of her favorite ice cream parlour Balla Beni in Munich at the corner of Türkenstraße and Theresienstraße only minutes from her own family business.


One had asked the owner why he wouldn’t portion his ice with a scraper as it is done in Italy?



According to my lady Hammerstein, Georgio Ballabeni presumed, that the rigid German would more likely accept Italian ice made on the premises when served in measured, equal units, scooped as round balls rather than with scraped and smeared portions. Balla Beni. Scooped not smeared. Georgio Ballabeni soon began to offer taste trials, served with a long silver spoon. By no means does the spoon have to be silver, a porcelan spoon in a porcelan spoon tray would suffice and could be democratized / monetized after an introductory period as branded plastic give-aways. There is money to be made with Balla Beni brand merchandise. And dramatizing the spoon may likely add to the charming magic of Georgio Ballabeni.


Cold Warrior mascot of 'kalter Krieg' at Berlin's Checkpoint Charly
Photography: Juliette Brinkmann © 2010. All rights reserved.


Berliner Eis

Summers ago, I helped my daughter finish her work day at Berlin’s ice cream parlour ‘kalter Krieg’ at the corner of Checkpoint Charlie. The creams needed molding with a plastic scraper so they would look their best the next day. Fresh baked owner Juliette Brinkmann explained to me how much the kids loved to cuddle the cold warrier she set up outside her parlour. The bear which is also the signature of the city of Berlin now takes centerstage on her credentials site.


I did my best to convince Juliette to rename her business—knowing that ‘kalter Krieg’ [cold war] was a convincingly witty and fitting name for the local Berlin audience and elsewhere, especially with its Checkpoint Charly location. How much more money could be made with more than one location? What if the near future holds multiple sites? Presuming the future offers a franchise, and favoring Linda Yau’s [Cocorino] multi-store approach, the name must be straight forward and immediately recognizable for a global customer. Watch ‘s Mary Meeker’s presentation of 2010 internet trends here, the initial minutes give away how global, local businesses must become. Remember ‘Think Globally, Act Locally‘? I was thinking the business must grow from being a hot shop in Berlin with a funky name adored by a few local punks and become a franchise with locations all over town and outside of Berlin. The new name must leverage Berlin’s popularity, soon to rival Berliner Weisse [famous Berlin beer with a taste of sirup]. The world must come to believe the origins of ice cream to be Berlin. Made in Berlin must be claimed. On a local level ‘kalter Krieg’ is brilliant, with aims for a franchise, a name like BERLINER EIS will help Juliette get there.


London Zoo - Cocorino

Google map of typical migration path
A day in the heart of London



Cocorino at the zoo

How to better end a day at the zoo than with Cocorino Gelati? Presenting London families and their nannies with the notion, that a hearty, 30 minute stride from the London Zoo through amazing Regent Park, certainly must be rewarded with amazing Italian gelati or sorbees at Cocorino or any of offerings for the salty minded at Cocorino’s focacceria. Leveraging London’s neighboring landmark rings plenty of bells with me and offers sound business strategy.


Located in Central London, in the vicinity of ZSL Zoo, in the charming neighborhood of Marylebone, Cocorino offers a threefold:

  1. Gelateria—fancyful gelati and sorbees made on the premises.
  2. Focacceria—offering everything from breakfast porridge & pastries through to stuffed focaccia & hot paninis
  3. Alimentari—get much of your fancy food shopping done conveniently before you head home

Now that we seem to have a handle on creating awareness with the general public of London, we need to look into getting the surrounding businesses to take their lunch break at Cocorino and offer incentives to consider Cocorino their favorite breakfast hand out. Take out—needs be focused on seperately and targeted as well… Aa handful of deliverables aside from moving the website to a blog. I am here to help and very much enjoy the insights gained without having traversed Regent Park even once.


What gives?

Munich, Berlin, London. 3 locations. 3 businesses and 3 custom solutions for building brand awareness, eventually increasing sales on a local budget.
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Little spoon drama: Bella Beni. Scooped not smeared.

Little spoon drama:
Bella Beni. Scooped not smeared.

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Berliner Eis

Berliner Eis Worldwide
Made in Berlin

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Become known to
the general public by
leveraging a London landmark