“Search the parks in all the cities, you won’t find statues of any committees.”—David Ogily

Rather than honoring the occupy movement with a group statue on wall street, citizens may want to support the local occupants by providing tea, soup, sandwiches or making sanitation available to occupants.

Bill Moyers has a way with words and put the cause in context for the rest of us. Keyword?


“I grew up in a working class family. We were among the poorest in town. But I was rich in public goods. I went to a good public school, played sandlot ball in a good public park, had access to a good public library, drove down a good public highway to a good public college. All made possible by people I never met. There was an unwritten bargain among the geneations. We didn’t all get the same deal but we did get civilization. That bargain is being trended, the occupyers of wall street understand this.”

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