Munich waves to the machines
Munich sets digital record
Germany owes its reputation to dead thinkers, dead poets, dead inventors and dead scientists.

Europe and its historic past and extensive history.

Since the rise of new technology and the departure into the 21. century, Germany has no role in this play. It lives off of the myth its dead left behind, and enjoys – more than ever – a mighty fine reputation around the globe.

Last month, the journalist Arie Wahl reported for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, that businesses and politics are stepping on it.

A Blitz take-of, Like the one by Munich start-up Celonis, comes as a surprise and with a fatal announcement:



“This software aims to dismiss business consultants”



made in munichThe Munich start-up is growing faster than any German tech company. The secret of success is an algorithm.“This software aims to dismiss business consultants”

Munich sets digital record