Christmas came early: Be the first Sargent to see our beloved Tintin in action.

Elizabeth has a way with words and these were the words
the young illustrator chose for a surprise invite tonight,
to treat her father to finally go see Tintin’s adventures.
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modern day storytelling
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Christmas also came early to all New Yorkers. Early snow and now:


Saks Fifth Ave 2011 signature Snowflake & Bubble Spectacular.

via Don Michael Acelar De Leon at PSFK:

“American luxury specialty store Saks Fifth Avenue has been known to adorn their holiday window displays with static light shows that highlight their signature snowflake designs.

This year, Saks Fifth Avenue teams up with creative agency Iris to add a new spin on their traditional showing, using “innovative technology, [that] add[s] depth to the activity and holiday messaging.”

The result: a visually-compelling three-dimensional projection titled “The Snowflake and the Bubble,” mapped onto the façade of the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan and accompanied by a gripping yuletide musical score.

visit Iris Nation

Visit Iris Nation

The 3D Projection mapping show runs every night for 5 hours, from November 21st until January 6th, which makes it the longest outdoor video mapping experience in the world thus far.”