Fallstaff Chimes at midnight



Happy New Year. Let us start off with celebrating typography. If, by all means, I wanted to recommend a movie, it would have to be

Little Nicolas1.

I’ve never heard of little Nick but got to watch it the other day on German tv as it made its audience laugh out loud.

New Year was absolutely fantastic, as alternation and the attraction of the new prove magnetic.

Falstaff is as though, recommending Schönberg’s 12-tone music2 for the music lover’s wellbeing on silent night. As though presenting a modern movie in midst of the ongoing Star Wars nostalgia wave.

Accepted and welcome is the change in consumer behavior, as iTunes Trailer documents so well with various documentary films and movies, which did not fit the entertainment standards until recently.

Possibly it concerns the return of the patronized consumer to a citizen of age. Something desirable, indicated by current tendencies.

Not every change is welcome. Sarah Larson’s Why you hate the new Google logotype3 supports this theory.



Google Logo vorher-nachher

Google’s logo before and after



On the one hand, you want your brand to be responsive toward its user habits. On the other hand, you want your brand to be unique. The question pops, how radical you want your brand to be. The most dangerous question a business man or woman faces every day.



Falstaff personal or more general?

Falstaff personal or more general?



Can you see the light?

If so, who’s shadow or what shadow are you stepping out from? Is it your father’s, a brand you adore? Do you want your brand to be set apart or deliberately be an integrated member of the larger community? Stand out or hold your ground?



Mein Kampf original-modern

Re-released Mein Kampf original or modern?



Whatever your answers might be, in a world changing from solid to liquid, you want your brand and business to be run on a responsive OS4.



Hubschrauber des US Präsidenten -  mit traditioneller Sans-Serifenschrift

Hubschrauber des US Präsidenten – mit traditioneller Serifenschrift



Hubschrauber des US Präsidenten -  mit moderner Sans-Serifenschrift

Hubschrauber des US Präsidenten – mit moderner Sans-Serifenschrift



A responsive conception of oneself

For anglo-american people it has been easier to read serif type, while Europeans find it easier to read sans serif type.

While the US is letting go from the idea to be the center of the world, the rising acceptance of sans serif type in the US is an emanation of the times.

Since 9/11 the west is reminded of the existente of yet another great community, one that not necessarily writers from left to right and ones who put their marks vertically from top to bottom.

With the occurrence of emerging technologies, the world is moving at unprecedented lightening speed. Design offers a bridge to integrated communication that can be more easily crossed than by steps taken by any government.

If your want to rise above the competition with generic, generell, universal typography and appear more distant, or you have gained momentum with a large enough following, that enables you to convince with your very own brand personality, your gut feeling paired with business sense will tell you.

Go easy, hang loose with your responsive OS in place, development is a friend. It’s a game that cannot be won, it can only be played.